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We analyze 40M+ data points weekly across web, mobile, social, news and more.

See your company’s Momentum Score or view the industry rankings.

Business Data Customized for You

A personalized set of data, news & insights relevant to the companies you follow, so you can make educated decisions without being overwhelmed.

Truly Comprehensive Business Intelligence

Modern & traditional data sources on companies large and small, so you'll never miss a thing.

An Early Warning System for Growth

SIGNL tracks company momentum on a week-by-week basis, alerting you to new patterns as they're emerging, so you can know the leaders and trends of tomorrow, today.


Competitive Analysis

Stay up to data on the competition, scope new sectors, and see disruptive patterns as they emerge. Monitor the changing industry landscape, and see which campaigns are working, all in real time

Investment Professionals

Easily manage an entire deal-flow pipeline; Source investments, track growth, and uncover new research on the companies you care about, with granular data unavailable anywhere else.

Sales Pipeline Development

Target prospects and track which customers are growing the fastest. See which companies need your services the most.